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40 Years Ago Today

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A brilliant piece of info for today (late as it is) thanks to Phil74Camper on the AVD website.

Today is 40 years since Apollo 11 touched down on the moon. Is this the greatest accomplishment in human history? As for VW comparisons:

* The Saturn V moon rocket is still the most powerful machine, of any kind, ever built by humans. It is the tallest, heaviest and fastest flying machine ever made. At liftoff its five F1 engines were producing 120 million kW, or 160 million horsepower, consuming propellant at 18,000 litres (14.4 tonnes) per second. Each F1 fuel pump produced 55,000 hp. Each F1 engine was as powerful as 40 B747 engines, and more powerful than the Shuttle’s 3 main engines put together. The first stage had five of them.

* The first stage contained 1.9 million litres of propellant (RP1 jet fuel and liquid oxygen), about an olympic 50m swimming pool full. That’s enough fuel to fill 49,000 Volkswagens. The Saturn burned all of it in 150 seconds.

* At takeoff the Saturn V weighed 3,040 tonnes, as much as 3,475 Volkswagens (or 9 Boeing 747s). It was as long as 27 Volkswagens parked nose to tail, or 73 stacked on on tyop of another.

* The Saturn could lift 140 tonnes to orbit (160 Volkswagens), more than any other rocket before or since, and 4 times as much as the Shuttle can. It could lift 47 tonnes (53 Volkswagens) all the way to the moon.

* The ship’s highest ever speed, 39,897 km/h (Apollo 10), is 312 times faster than the top speed of a VW.


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Fiberglass front.

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Howdy All this is just a few shots of the fiberglass front ends available, hopefully able to get some built in Aus without it becoming prohibitively expensive.