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  1. Chris Said,

    I thought you would like to see my home made H-Stand or Engine stand. I seen you purchased an engine stand and thought you might want to post about this cool original creation.

  2. eraser Said,

    Cool thanks for the comment. Always good to see what others have done.

    It is a pretty damn cool way of doing it, and wont cost a million dollars.


  3. jedd - Editor Said,

    Hi there,

    Would you be OK with me posting some of your great pics from Volkswagen events in South Australia in my EVENTS GALLERY. LINK:

    If OK I would like to your pics from:

    Volksfest 2008 & 2009
    Day of the Volkswagen
    VW’s at the Adelaide Show

    I will provide a pics credit to unless you would prefer another name(s) for the credit.

    Best regards

    JEff – Editor

  4. eraser Said,

    Thats all good,

    Thanks for asking ;)


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