The beginning,

Where to start?
My beetle is a German 1968 Beetle with the Auto Stick option.
It is running a 1600 twin port stock motor (1969 going by the engine number).
I got this beetle back in 1993, she was a daily driver until 2006 where I purchased a newer car. From 2006 till now she has sat in the shed getting a drive on the weekends. I always had the plan to restore her but money never really permitted this, and every time I was ready to do something she would get hit by another car (100% of the time a ford :P). See picture where she was repaired from one of the many cars driving over her nose.


To the present I knew the beetle was in good condition no rust visible, at the same time she is still damaged from a guy who hit the front. (Don’t ask about insurance I was insured but it didn’t make a difference I never saw any money). I finally got enough money together to start restoring her, or should I say improving her.

Stay tuned for more updates.