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Motor Rebuild Part 1

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Long time for an update but I’m going full steam to it right now..

I started putting the rods on the crank shaft only to find that the bearings supplied were undersize.

But it was ok, the guys at V&T did a good job so the main bearings were .25 and so are the rod bearings, just a pain in the ass.

Here is a video of what the issue looked like:

Anyway i went to Euro Imparts on main north road (enfield) at lunch one day and picked up the correct size bearings.

Here is a video of how it should look:

Yes i do realise that the rods dont spin as freely as you would normally see if i were to lube with oil, but i am lubing with molly grease

that is a little stickier (but offers great protection when your gaining oil pressure when turning it over for first time

(note not turning over with spark plugs attached).

Below we have the inside of the case all put together and ready to go.

Thats the permatex aviation sealer around the outside, almost a perfect equivalent to the sealing liquid they used in 1968 when they built the motor.


The other side of the case Moly lubed up with lifters in ready to bolt back together. (don’t forget the oil (return?) thingy down the bottom otherwise you could be in a very bad place ;) )


More aviation Sealant on this side (i really want as few leaks as possible)


Case is together (Some of you may have noticed it obviously was a 1500 single port in the beginning of its life, and somewhere along the way (80-90′s) it was changed to a 1600 Dual port).


Now to bolt the halfs together.. but wait the bolts have been misplaced during my house move.. but stress less i have a new engine hardware kit coming in the mail. Will keep you all updated.


My new old Oval motor.

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Ha I couldn’t help but grab this, I have no real use for it but I don’t mind storing it just in case (and for $50 how could you go wrong {Thx AVD})..But ;)

So i went and grabbed it from Andrew just up the road, helped me load it into the back of the celica… forgot how heavy they are…

Get it home and then realise there is no way in hell I’m going to get that out of the car myself, and after calling a few friends ad everyone being conveniently busy i decided to tear her down in the back of the car i know crazy right).


So this is after about 2 hours i got to this stage (i can see you going 2 hrs you wimp, but i had to grind my socket so i could get to the head stud nuts.)

Finally got the strength to pick the motor in pieces out of the car… it now looks like this…


So lesson learnt think about how to get it out of the car before putting it in…