My new old Oval motor.

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Ha I couldn’t help but grab this, I have no real use for it but I don’t mind storing it just in case (and for $50 how could you go wrong {Thx AVD})..But ;)

So i went and grabbed it from Andrew just up the road, helped me load it into the back of the celica… forgot how heavy they are…

Get it home and then realise there is no way in hell I’m going to get that out of the car myself, and after calling a few friends ad everyone being conveniently busy i decided to tear her down in the back of the car i know crazy right).


So this is after about 2 hours i got to this stage (i can see you going 2 hrs you wimp, but i had to grind my socket so i could get to the head stud nuts.)

Finally got the strength to pick the motor in pieces out of the car… it now looks like this…


So lesson learnt think about how to get it out of the car before putting it in…



Nice new Recon case, extras

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Well i just got my case back from being machined, case savers installed, and crank ground. She looks hot ;) . For those interested it cost about $1200 and took about 1 week, It was done in Lonsdale SA by V & T Motors (08) 8382 8111, They literally have a machine shop just for VW motors which used to operate 24/7 pretty much back in the late 70′s now not so much , but they did an excellent job, even to the point of getting the casing to the correct temp exactly if not they would start again from scratch.




If you don’t know why this was needed basically after years of service the thumping of the cam shaft on the bearings impact into the magnesium case. E.g Follows:


 Now its all shiny.


Other news I cleaned up the front beam blew all the crap off (grease dirt etc), and painted her up.. (but it was annoying moving the front beam around (mental note next time i need to take it off reverse into the garage ;) .


That engine trolley came in useful to keep the pan movable.


Finally put the front end back on (man was that a pain in the ass, don’t look forward to doing it again.


Also blasted the ass end with water and the rubbed her bacl and gave her a nice high temp  paint, looks sweet.


I also grabbed these for $20 both straight and in good cond (unsure if i will use the yet) but i have never seen the  closer style of bumper before, any ideas?


Anyway until next time., I’m a bit slow lately because I’m looking at buying a house to move all my beetles too as their current living quarters are being sold :( . So wish me luck.

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