1968 the original, update.

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Finally had some more time off to work on my orig 1968 beetle. I need to get this shell into a move-able shell (shed where it is being stored is being sold). So I decided to clean her up and get that motor case looking shmick. After a few chats with people on the aussieveedubbers forum (and previously getting blasted by my other half about putting engine case in the dishwasher ;) ).




This is after several sprays of various degreasers, First off i used oven cleaner to get the basic dirt and grease off, worked good but the cheap $2 degreaser i sprayed on was way more effective, I also tried putting petrol into a sprayer and spray it, again it did work, but nothing like the $2 degreaser and a shot with my high pressure sprayer. Then coated the block with silver enamel spray (about $10 for a can). I did this because it looks cool but also the degreaser/oven cleaner seems to take the finish off the block.


I also started cleaning up the rear end of the pan same way as above.


Tempting to do a rat rod front end on her not sure yet.


Ended up with this welsh plug from when i was cleaning the engine block, downside is i have no idea where it is from :S hopefully someone on the AVD forums will be able to help me :P .  Will be putting new seals in etc hopefully next week if i don’t drive to melb to get an engine.