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Sept – Oct – Nov Pictures

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Sorry again for the wait, but its worth it.

Thanks again to the following people for the pictures; Mark Paine, Bruce Walker, Jordan Muller, Andrew Snell, Glenn Kirkham, Kris Farrant, Allen Appleby and anyone else who sent out pictures, also thanks to the sites where some of these have been collected from..


Another beetle? Autostick issues?

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Well i guess the VW bug has bitten me, And i saw another Automatic stick shift beetle on ebay and grabbed it for $750. Good body, its a 70′s model with early 60′s guards. The story of getting it is pretty funny, I went to pick it up and the guy comes out telling me it doesn’t have a battery.. so off i go and grab a battery (even though a battery was there the day before), come back get in start her up and oh its out of petrol… Man i couldn’t believe it so off i went and got petrol. So finally I’m on my way chugging along at a nice 50kph when bang the front left tire came off, turns out that all the bolts on all the wheels were undone, luckily enough i had the right socket with me and did it up and brought the new beetle home.

The motor a bit of a mess (i took the oil cooler off), the automatic choke and cutoff solenoid were unplugged as well as a few of the autostick pipes were falling apart. So slowly getting her back to what she should be. Changed the oil that was disgusting piles of silt on the sump plate and when i touched the oil i could feel the dirt in it (yuck).

Just a picture showing the paint work, i get the feeling that the paint work was one of those rattle can jobs but it looks bloody good.

The brakes felt like they had air in them and after about 30 minutes of shouting “stop” “pump” to my girlfriend we had the air out (thanks to the back right drum), i continued on around the car getting any and all air out and any crap that was in the lines too (a lot of crap the fluid was black on some and white on others :S) {P.S look at how bald those tires are, will need some new ones}

Had finished doing the back left wheel getting the air out when the actual nozzle snapped leaving part of it in the brake, luckily for me it is broken off in the closed position and isn’t leaking brake fluid, i will need to take this somewhere to get fixed at some point. (yeah please forgive my car on bricks and wood the actual axel stands are up with my other beetle.)

Just me firing through the gears while she is on blocks. What am i going to do with it i don’t know yet. Was originally for parts btu shes in such good condition its a shame.